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A branding e-course for women bloggers, freelancers, & solopreneurs

Turn your multi-passionate mess into a clear & purposeful personal brand message (in 3 days or less)

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A branding e-course for women bloggers, freelancers, & solopreneurs

Turn your multi-passionate mess into a clear & purposeful personal brand message (in 3 days or less)

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What exactly is this all about?

'Purposeful Personal Branding' is a self-study training program that shows you, step-by-step:
- how to sift through the noise in your head
- formulate a core brand message that gives you clarity and confidence, and
- implement that message so you can turn strangers into raving fans
(which will eventually be the foundation of turning your brand into a profitable career!).

Real question: How much time do you spend on social media?

Real question: How much time do you spend on social media?

Next question. Does this ever happen to you:

There you are, scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, when you see yet another interview or article or blog post --

about this creative woman doing incredible things, growing her audience online, people know and respect her for something so uniquely her, and she's turning her passion into a successful career.

Even if you don't want it to, a little voice sounds off in your head:
"Ah, she's amazing. What in the world is she doing right?! I've been trying my very best, but why can't I seem to get there, too?"

If you’ve been trying (maybe for years!) to blog or start a brand/business online, it can get pretty discouraging to see other people who just seem to be flawlessly succeeding at pursuing their passion, building an audience online, and knocking out life goal after life goal after life goal.

you silently and frustratedly think, as you Google article after article, devour how-to's and case studies, try to implement some of them... but none of it is working.

What are you doing wrong?
Why does it work for others...
but not for you?



  • "Maybe I just don't have what it takes."
  • "Maybe I'm just not good enough - there are so many similar people who are way more talented."
  • "I guess other people can do it because they're rich & well-connected. Unlike me."
  • "I guess other people can do that because they're not burdened with the responsibilities I have to deal with. I'm a mom/breadwinner/provider -- I don't have the same luxuries as they do."

I get it.

It's way too easy to stew in these self-sabotaging thoughts, especially when you're overwhelmed with so much information online, and your ideas seem to be all cluttered & confusing (to others AND to you).

It most especially gets aggravated when you go online and see other people do it so effortlessly: We see people successfully selling through Instagram shops, thriving in their freelance careers, or organizing and teaching their own workshops.

Meanwhile, you feel...

  • SCARED, because... what if you fail, or people think your brand is stupid
  • INSECURE, especially when you start thinking about whether your idea is good enough in the first place -- which leads you to comparing yourself to other similar artists/entrepreneurs
  • UNCERTAIN, because you have the vision in your head, but you don't know where to start
  • STUCK AND FRUSTRATED, because you can't seem to get past the starting line (you posted about your work, but why is no one responding???)
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Hi, I'm Arriane Serafico. I'm the founder of Purposeful Personal Branding.

Hi, I'm Arriane Serafico.
I'm the founder of
Purposeful Personal Branding.


A quick backstory

When I first started my blog, I was an NGO worker with a monthly salary of PHP 7,500 (approx. $160/month). Yep. I was sad, hungry, and barely had enough to pay rent & utilities.

Back then, I was renting a bed in a small shared dorm with 3 other strangers, in a shady part of the city. I was literally living out of & blogging from a tiny bottom bunk bed.

Blogging was my creative outlet after a long, hard day. But while it was fun, at the same time, I was thinking: How can I grow my audience online... if I'm just a nobody?


I know what it feels like to be starting out, and feeling so small, irrelevant, disadvantaged, and not good enough. I would look at other successful bloggers and entrepreneurs and feel a pang of jealousy, and to be honest, a little desperation.

I was always thinking to myself:"Who am I to start this? Who am I to write, to speak up, to share my work? My life is not interesting, or pretty -- my life is total suckville right now!" 


But I persisted. Over the years, I tried to grow my brand in the most random of ways.

I was just like you, flailing in a sea of information & how-to articles, drowning in cluttered ideas, taking random jabs in the dark, just trying to see what works.

Basically: I was all over the place.

Yes, it was fun and challenging… but my blog and brand's growth was soooo. freaking. slooooow. I was putting in SO MUCH WORK, but was seeing very little results.

But in 2015, I decided to really, really narrow down my core brand message, my ideal audience, and how I wanted to uniquely tell my story.

It was such a fulfilling & creative challenge to be able to find clarity & confidence in what I was really trying to say with my brand: Finally, I could tell people about what I do, without cringing, mumbling, or feeling awkward and embarrassed.

By putting that core message at the forefront of all my content creation, social media posting, and marketing strategy... in the span of 10 months, I was able to:

Grow my online community to 6,000+ creative women all over the world.
Not to mention, I have since earned over PHP 550,000 from my blog. (I know. I couldn’t believe it either.)

I started as a nobody who was interested in too many things.
I had LOTS of passions -- but no audience, no money, no special connections no mentor.

But over the last 6 years, I found a way to take my many confusing passions, and craft it into one cohesive & unique story, that helped attract my dream audience.


Need help with developing & articulating your brand?

If you need someone to hold your hand & show you, step-by-step, how to craft a strong brand message (as well as how to apply it to different mediums and situations)...

Then this course is for you.



Need help with developing & articulating your brand?

If you need someone to hold your hand & show you, step-by-step, how to craft a strong brand message (as well as how to apply it to different mediums and situations)...

Then this course is for you.



I created this branding e-course with you in mind.

I'm teaching this because I know that if only I had the right mentor & support group back then -- my journey to build my brand & community would not have taken 6 confusing & insecure years.


I’ve seen far too many extremely talented & hard-working creatives give up just because nobody cared enough to help them up, cheer them on, keep them accountable, or give them strategic (and challenging!) advice.

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Before I took Arriane's branding e-course, I was feeling unfocused, frustrated, and worried that crafting a brand statement would "limit" me and/or my audience.

But after going through her formula and exercises, I felt so much more excited: Turns out, getting focused doesn't limit you, you actually get MORE IDEAS to write about!

Arriane's branding technique gave me a huge shift in perspective. My brand is still a work in progress - not 100% there, but so, so much further than I'd be without this course. When I implemented her advice, my content started getting more responses. Like wow, that's what gave me confidence to keep writing, to niche down the blog, and think of creating things -- because people are responding.

I signed up for Arriane's branding workshop because I felt so disconnected to my blog. I wasn't really feeling it anymore, since Instagram was an easier way to pour out your feelings.

But, after the workshop, I felt that I can be more than just a "lifestyle" blogger. From being just another blogger, I now have a more solid direction, and am creating content that shines the light on mompreneurs!


What you'll learn in Purposeful Personal Branding

Purposeful Personal Branding consists of 5 main parts, plus a BONUS set of case studies of brands with amazing core messages. Each training module is designed to help you create a holistic and comprehensive core message that feels authentic to you, resonates with your ideal audience, and helps you achieve your goals.


How does this course work?

There are 3 phases in this e-course:

Phase 1

Modules 1-2

Released immediately after enrollment
Time to complete:
Phase 2

Modules 3-4

Released 3 days after enrollment
Time to complete:
4 WEEKS (1 Brand Challenge each week)
Phase 3
Module 5 + Bonus

Released 14 days after enrollment
Time to complete:


The Modules


Find Your Niche

This module is all about giving you brainstorming techniques and exercises that will get you clear on your ONE main idea. After all, you can't create and communicate a core message if you have twenty different topics you want to mash inside one message.


The Core Message Formula

A core message goes way beyond just a witty tagline. There are so many underlying elements that you need to figure out, which will form the backbone of EVERYTHING else you create in the future: your social media content, posters, blog posts, photos, promos, to name a few. I will hold your hand as we go through each of those elements, and bring it all together, so you transform your multi-passionate mess - into one cohesive core brand message.


Say It With Style: Create Your Brand Guide

This is the fun part! Here, we'll create a style guide for your brand. After all, fantastic ideas deserve a dose of style. Here we'll discuss your logo, brand colors, fonts, and I'll even include some tech training for all the tech-challenged people out there. (See FAQ's for a sample of my tech walkthroughs).


Experimentation: Test Your Core Message in the Real World

This is where the action TRULY happens. In this module, we will set your #1 goal, and then go into a series of 'Brand Challenges' that are designed for you to throw your idea into the wild, and see how your audience reacts to it.


Let Me See You Tweak: Refining & Improving Your Core Message

The Brand Challenges in Module 4 were designed to teach you very useful techniques on how to get feedback, and in this module, we'll use those insights to refine and improve your brand even more. After all, your core brand message shouldn't be static! It should have a dynamic connection with YOU, as well as your audience!


Case Studies & Video Walkthroughs

I've chosen a diverse set of brands that I feel are able to condense the spirit of their multi-dimensional brand into one solid and cohesive core message, and are able to execute that message so flawlessy: whether on their website, content strategy, social media, Instagram photos, etc. Seeing the concepts in action in different situations will give you a better understanding of how you can also execute on yours.


1. The exact formula you can use to develop your brand's core message (a formula you can use/revisit over and over again)

2. A structure for brainstorming your uniqueness and positioning, that you can use for life.

3. A cohesive core brand message that you can then use and apply on your different platforms & in your content creation

4. BONUS: We'll also create a brand style guide that you can follow for your website and social media posts, so you can look and sound more consistent across all platforms

5. Through fun brand challenges, I'll teach you exact strategies on how you can actually APPLY your brand message. These week-long challenges can give you the structure you need to you test out your core message, so you can discover what's working and what's not

6. Case studies galore! Examples of brands with great branding - so you'll see how the concepts are applied in real life

What makes Purposeful Personal Branding the best branding course for me?

You'll get guidance with generating ideas

'Differentiate yourself' -- how many times have you heard this advice? Instead of just vaguely telling you to "find your uniqueness," this class will SHOW you how. There will be brainstorming techniques (internal, and external), and fun branding challenges.

Learn a timeless branding strategy

The formula I teach isn't based off some trend or social media platform: It's a timeless, human-centered formula that you can use over and over again as you evolve you brand.

Less fluff, more implementation

My teaching style is clear, simple, practical, and very, very actionable. I get to the meat of the lesson without unnecessary noise & pomp -- because I know that you will learn best by DOING. Less info-overwhelm, more action!

Examples galore!

Most of the time, we need to see a learning concept in real life, in action, in different situations -- for us to fully understand how it works. I learn that way, too. So when I teach, I include A LOT of examples & case studies (and video walkthroughs!).

Are you ready to...

Get clear on your brand, your story, and build it into a powerful message

Build that brand in a way that magnetically attracts and resonates with the RIGHT community

Design your blog/business' core message to align with YOUR genuine aspirations, so that you build something that feels authentic and exciting (not just 'because that's what everybody else is doing')

Make a HUGE impact, bring incredible value, establish your authority, while building a beautiful connection with your community (yes, you have the power to do that).


There are 2 different ways you can take this class:

The Self-Study Program: PHP 2,499

What you'll get:

  1. The complete e-course, published inside a members-only site, with unlimited access for one whole year. This contains all 6 modules outlined in the curriculum above.

The class officially opens on October 20, 2016 -- but we are giving your first dibs on the best seats, at an early-bird discounted price.

Why this is awesome:

Unlike in-person workshops, where it's a teacher talking for 3 hours, and then it's done: You will have access to the content for one whole year, so you can read, re-read, watch, re-watch, review, re-review all you want.

Still not within your budget?
I've created a bite-sized, budget version for you.

Bite-Sized Branding: Craft Your Core Message
PHP 1,599

If you've ever struggled to find the right blend of words to articulate what your brand is all about -- this bite-sized class will teach you a simple-to-follow and unique formula that will get you to the heart of what you're trying to say.

No more confusion, no more idea overwhelm... just CLARITY and CONFIDENCE.

This short bite-sized branding class teaches you the 3 elements you need to figure out how to craft and articulate your uniqueness and positioning.

In the bigger picture of things, it isolates Module 2 out of the 5 modules in the whole Purposeful Personal Branding course.

This is the most DIY version of it all: I offer you the meatiest, most important module of the entire course, but I hand it over to you, trusting that you will exert extra effort to implement and test this yourself.

This is a great option for someone who wants to get started, but has a tight budget!

What You'll Get:

  1. 5 video trainings: Discussing the 3 major elements of your core brand message + how you can bring that all together
  2. 3 case studies: Examples of awesome branding in action
  3. At the end of the workshop, you'll have your core brand message that will be ready to DIY implement & apply to your different platforms and strategies (i.e. About Me page, Facebook page, Instagram bio, marketing strategy, editorial calendar, content strategy, etc.)

Craft Your Core Message
PHP 1,599.00




Online! That means you can tune in from anywhere with an internet connection.


My goal is to get you to take action and APPLY & TEST your core message as soon as possible. No fluff, no fillers, just all action-oriented lessons.

I've designed the class so that you can go through everything in 3 days (or much, much less) -- and you will come out with a super solid core message for your brand, ready to be implemented in your different platforms and marketing strategy.


My focus is on making something that is valuable for you for a loooong time. You’ll get access to the class recording inside a members-only site where you can access it for 1 whole year. This means you can watch - and re-watch! - at your own convenience.


Look. There are a lot of places where you can get this information for free. However, if you've read any of my e-mails AT ALL, you would know that my teaching style is clear, simple, practical, and very, very actionable.

I work hard to deliver information in a way that resonates, and makes it very easy for you to get from confusion to clarity -- and then to doing!


Because we're making this available at such a low introductory price - there will be no refunds available.

Got questions we haven't answered here?
E-mail me at about your concerns.


It's ABOUT time you invested in your own growth

It's ABOUT time you invested in your own growth


You may be thinking:
"I'm still saving up money; It's too expensive for me right now."

Look. It's PHP 1,299. I'm sure you've spent more money on planners, notebooks, cute pens, stickers, Post-Its.

All these are tools, but the best and prettiest tools are USELESS if you don't have the right foundations. Invest in the most important things first.

Also, remember: Experience is a much, much more valuable investment over worldly material things. When was the last time you invested in your own personal growth & learning?

Besides, I'm really big on loyalty. I reward my community members who take the leap and join me very early on.

They're not just customers, they're kinda the people who are keeping me company as I also figure my journey out. And so I treat them as such: teammates.

That said, I'm never going to shortchange my teammates. My guarantee to them is that the price will never go lower than what they bought it at.

What this means is that THESE PRICES are the cheapest that this course will ever be:

At this price, you get unlimited access to the content for 1 whole year. You get to rewatch the videos, re-listen to the audio files, reread the texts, re-answer the worksheets.

And! If I release any bonus content in the coming months or years -- YOU WILL GET THEM.

As I continue to improve your course, you have no choice but to come along the ride with me and get all my new, and super-valuable stuff. ;) At no additional cost!

Here's a testimonial from Tiffany, who explained to me why she decided to invest in my course (she dropped a harsh-but-true truth bomb at the end):

I have to be honest — signing up for this class was a last-minute decision, mainly because I really wanted to save money. I thought, ‘Anyway, I had her free e-mail lessons. Those were enough.’

But part of me yearned to invest in MY own personal development for once.

I know I spend a lot on personal belongings, but never really about self-improvement: ‘If I get this, would it help me later in life? Will this MAC lipstick really make me a better person?”
— Tiffany G., 22, Writer, blogger, communications manager from Cebu
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Make time to go after the goals that truly matter to YOU

Make time to go after the goals that truly matter to YOU


You may be thinking:
"I don't have time for the course right now. I'm really busy with _____."

Be honest with yourself. Will you ever REALLY stop being busy?

After this month, there will be NEW things to be busy about, more deadlines, more e-mails, more work. There is never a time when you're not busy.

So it's your responsibility to MAKE TIME and MAKE SPACE for your own learning and growth, because who else will?! Your parents? Your boss? Your friends?

It's your growth. It's your life.

All I ask is 30 minutes of your time everyday. That's it. The course is very easy to follow, I've simplified everything, and made sure that you can complete and implement it really quickly.

And like I said, you have access to this class for 1 whole year! You can start (or re-start!) ANY TIME you want.

You can re-watch the videos anytime you want, any month or any day of the year.




Learning can happen anywhere

Learning can happen anywhere


You may be thinking:
"I'm not sure how e-courses work; maybe they’re not for me; I’d rather have a face-to-face class."

One of the best advantages of an online course vs. a one-time workshop? A one-time workshop means you only have access to the lessons for a few hours in one afternoon. After that, you're on your own, relying on your memory.

But with an online class, the lessons are available to you, any time.

This is a sample from one of my old workshops, so you can see what it looks like inside the members-only site.

And like I said, you have access to this class for 12 whole months. You can start (or re-start!) ANY TIME you want.


Free Preview

Here's a preview of what goes inside the class. The video below is a Bonus Lesson in Module #1: Find Your Niche.

Free Preview

Here's a preview of what goes inside the class. The video below is a Bonus Lesson in Module #1: Find Your Niche.

Bite-Sized Branding: Free Preview


If you want to learn more about finding your niche and crafting your personal brand message, the video lesson above is just one of the many video trainings inside my personal branding e-course:

Purposeful Personal Branding

A Personal Branding E-Course for Creative Women Bloggers, Freelancers, and Solopreneurs