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Get clear and confident about your brand.

Turn your brand from inconsistent, all over the place, and confusing - to one that's cohesive, strong, and one that you can be confident to share with others.


Get clear and confident about your brand.

Turn your brand from inconsistent, all over the place, and confusing - to one that's cohesive, strong, and one that you can be confident to share with others.

Purpose-Driven Branding

This is an online training program for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. It shows you, step-by step:

☑ How to sift through the noise in your head
Formulate a strong core brand message that gives you clarity and confidence,
Get incredibly crystal clear on who your ideal audience is, and
Implement that message, so you can turn strangers into raving fans (the foundation of turning your brand into a profitable career!)




This course is equal parts strategY & self-discovery.

This course is equal parts strategY & self-discovery.


The exercises, worksheets, and videos included in this course not only teaches you the most important branding concepts & strategies...

but I've designed the learning experience to guide you through a journey of:
✏️ getting to know yourself better,
✏️ finding your true passions, and
✏️ discovering your deeper purpose.


You are the right fit for this course if... 


You're a creative who needs more STRUCTURE.

Get your messy ideas organized: This course has a timeline, an editorial calendar, clear action steps, worksheets, content guides, and an easy-to-follow learning flow. 


You need someone to be ACCOUNTABLE to.

Join the VIP Community to be grouped into mini-teams & go thru missions together! Meet new friends, collaborate with other creatives, and work towards your goals together.

You want to be part of a positive online COMMUNITY.

There's a different, unique spirit to the community that I attract in my classes. Somehow, we get to gather some of the most positive, encouraging, supportive, generous, kind creatives on the Internet - that's the special magic you won't find anywhere else.


You're looking to be RESPARKED & REINSPIRED.

My classes are pretty notorious for lighting fires under people's butts. ;-) I don't just teach you strategies, but I give you the PUSH you need to (re)discover yourself, and pursue your passions in BIGGER & BRAVER ways that stretch & grow what you thought you were ever capable of.


Hi, my name is Arriane & I created this branding e-course with YOU in mind.

I'm teaching this because I want to give more creative people (like you!) a leg up, so they can get a real shot at succeeding at what they want to do.

I am, first and foremost, a teacher. That's the heart of my approach when I built this course.

And my goal is a teacher is to help you gain more confidence and courage with your passion project -- because I know how frustrating it can be to put your heart & soul, and hours and hours of work into creating something, only to struggle so much with gaining traction & growth. (Am I right?)

I’ve seen far too many extremely talented & hard-working creatives give up just because nobody cared enough to help them up, cheer them on, keep them accountable, and give them strategic (and challenging!) advice.



"I read tons of marketing and business books, and I tune in to a lot of podcasts/interviews on YouTube, but I was only able to gain clarity for my internal vision through this course"


My direction as an entrepreneur is just so much clearer. The course felt like a reset.

I love the order/flow of the lessons… and the support and exchange of ideas. Just having a community to bounce off concepts with was great!


Pasted image at 2017_06_22 06_31 PM.png

When I started out, I was just trying to blindly follow in the steps of other creatives I saw online


But after taking the course, I realized that what I really wanted to share about - was my love for art, comics, and illustration.

Fast forward to now… It’s been a few days after Komiket, and it was SUPER fulfilling! I sold out on all my issues for my comics - that's 120 copies PLUS I have to reprint to meet 40 more orders.


"After the workshop... from being just another blogger, I now have a more solid direction."

- chessy alejandro

I signed up for Arriane's branding workshop because I felt so disconnected to my blog. I wasn't really feeling it anymore, since Instagram was an easier way to pour out your feelings.

But, after the workshop, I felt that I can be more than just a "lifestyle" blogger. From being just another blogger, I now have a more solid direction, and am creating content that shines the light on mompreneurs!


What you'll learn in Purpose Driven Branding

Purpose Driven Branding consists of 5 main parts, plus a BONUS set of case studies of brands with amazing core messages. Each training module is designed to help you create a holistic and comprehensive core message that feels authentic to you, resonates with your ideal audience, and helps you achieve your goals.


How does this course work, exactly?


1. The exact formula you can use to develop your brand's core message (a formula you can use/revisit over and over again)

2. A structure for brainstorming your uniqueness and positioning, that you can use for life.

3. A cohesive core brand message that you can then use and apply on your different platforms & in your content creation

4. A guided Instagram challenge & editorial calendar - so we can all keep sharing our stories together, and getting more productive results from social media

5. BONUS: We'll also create a brand style guide that you can follow for your website and social media posts, so you can look and sound more consistent across all platforms

6. Through fun brand challenges, I'll teach you exact strategies on how you can actually APPLY your brand message. These week-long challenges can give you the structure you need to you test out your core message, so you can discover what's working and what's not

7. Case studies galore! Examples of brands with great branding - so you'll see how the concepts are applied in real life

There are 3 phases in this e-course:

Phase 1

Modules 1-2

Released immediately after enrollment
Time to complete:
Phase 2

Modules 3-4

Released 3 days after enrollment
Time to complete:
4 WEEKS (1 Brand Challenge each week)
Phase 3
Module 5 + Bonus

Released 4 weeks after enrollment
Time to complete:


The Modules


Find Your Niche

This module is all about giving you brainstorming techniques and exercises that will get you clear on your ONE main idea. After all, you can't create and communicate a core message if you have twenty different topics you want to mash inside one message.


The Core Message Formula

A core message goes way beyond just a witty tagline. There are so many underlying elements that you need to figure out, which will form the backbone of EVERYTHING else you create in the future: your social media content, posters, blog posts, photos, promos, to name a few.

I will hold your hand as we go through each of those elements, and bring it all together, so you transform your multi-passionate self - and come up with one cohesive core brand message.


Say It With Style: Create Your Brand Guide

This is the fun part! Here, we'll create a style guide for your brand. After all, fantastic ideas deserve a dose of style. Here, we'll discuss your logo, brand colors, fonts, and I'll even include some tech training for all the tech-challenged people out there. (See FAQ's for a sample of my tech walkthroughs).


Experimentation: Test Your Core Message in the Real World

This is where the action TRULY happens. In this module, we will set your #1 goal, and then go into a series of 'Brand Challenges' that are designed for you to throw your idea into the wild, and see how your audience reacts to it.


Let Me See You Tweak: Refining & Improving Your Core Message

The Brand Challenges in Module 4 were designed to teach you very useful techniques on how to get feedback -- and in this next module, we'll use those insights to refine and improve your brand even more. After all, your core brand message shouldn't be static! It should have a dynamic connection with YOU, as well as your audience.


Case Studies & Video Walkthroughs

I've chosen a diverse set of brands that I feel are able to condense the spirit of their multi-dimensional brand into one solid and cohesive core message, and are able to execute that message so flawlessy: whether on their website, content strategy, social media, Instagram photos, etc. Seeing the concepts in action in different situations will give you a better understanding of how you can also execute on yours.


There are 2 different ways you can take this class, depending on your learning style, type of mentorship needed, and of course, your budget.

Here's a quick overview of the available learning plans.

Learning Plan 1:
The Full Program

Full training program

Pace: Self-paced, DIY

Mentorship: None

Other Bonuses: Instagram content calendars for July to September (prompts on when and what to post!)

This learning plan is good for:
Creatives who want the entire system of branding, but have enough drive to DIY the process

Learning Plan 2:
Find Your Niche

Modules: 1 Module - Find Your Niche (This is the first module included in the whole Self-Study program)

Pace: Self-paced, DIY

Mentorship: None

This learning plan is good for:
Creatives who aren't sure yet what their niche is, and want some structure to their brainstorming. This module includes templates, worksheets, spreadsheets, and a grading system to help you "score" your passions so you know which ones to focus on

(Scroll down for more details on each of the learning plans)


The Full Program

This is a self-paced training program that contains the whole Purpose-Driven Branding curriculum.

What You'll Get:

  1. The complete e-course, published inside a members-only site, with unlimited access for one whole year
  2. Access to the content guide for community Instagram challenges for July
  3. First-dibs VIP invites to private, in-person community meetups with Arriane (October to December 2017)

*There will be no direct email or chat support/advice from Arriane in this learning plan.

Why this is awesome:

You get to go at your own pace, and still participate in the community challenge on Instagram - I'll send you content guides you can follow in each of the months from July to September.

This is a great option for someone who wants to get started, but has a tight budget!


Find Your Niche

A bite-sized taste of the whole Purpose-Driven Branding course.

This value-packed and easy-to-follow course is perfect for you if you need help with making sense out of the messy ideas in your head, and putting STRUCTURE in the way you brainstorm, so you can finally figure out & confidently claim your niche.

Find Your Niche
A bite-sized branding course

What you'll get:

  1. Module 1 of The Purposeful Personal Branding Course
    • Creative prompts to help you discover your passion
    • Templates (how to get feedback from other people about what you're good at)
    • An objective "grading system" to put structure into how to choose your niche

FAQ: How much time does it take?

You don't need to worry about "not having time" for this course, or being "not sure if it can fit into my schedule" -- you can finish this and FINALLY figure out your niche, in 3 hours!

*There will be no direct email or chat support/advice from Arriane in this learning plan.

Why this is awesome:

Other workshops will charge you PHP 3,000 for a 4-hour workshop on branding or blogging. After you leave the classroom that afternoon, you're done.

But for this e-course, you will have access to the course content for one whole year, so you can read, re-read, watch, re-watch, review, re-review all you want. You can't replay an in-person workshop. ;-)

This does NOT include the Social Media Toolbox bonus. That bonus is only available for Self-Study Program full payments.

"It's always been extra hard for me to work in a vacuum because I'd have no idea if what I was doing was correct, or if it was working. Getting access to Arriane's BRAIN (<<< invaluable) & the community was [a solution to that].."



If the investment is realistically in your budget, the feedback is invaluable. You [also] get a close-knit + supportive group of people going through the same journey you are.

It makes such a big difference to have people to be accountable to, and bounce things off with. AND. These people became my friends, because after 3 months, how can you not?


"The way she processes & organizes information is so different, so strategic… she teaches it in a way that you'll never learn through Google, or by trying to do it yourself."

reese lansangan

Because of Arriane’s mentorship (and her spreadsheets and templates), I now have so much structure in the way I run things. I like getting mentored by [Arriane] because her brain is wired differently.


What makes Purpose-Driven Branding the best branding course for me?

Designed in a way that PUSHES YOU TO ACTION

My teaching style is clear, simple, practical, and very, very actionable. I get to the meat of the lesson without unnecessary noise & pomp -- because I know that you will learn best by DOING. Less info-overwhelm, more action!

You'll get more STRUCTURE

'Differentiate yourself' -- how many times have you heard this advice? Instead of just vaguely telling you to "find your uniqueness," this class will SHOW you how. I will give STRUCTURE to your brainstorming through worksheets and challenges.

Examples galore to give CONTEXT to lessons

Most of the time, we need to see a learning concept in real life, in action, in different situations -- for us to fully understand how it works. I learn that way, too. So when I teach, I include A LOT of examples & case studies (and video walkthroughs!).

Learn a timeless branding STRATEGY

The formula I teach isn't based off some trend or social media platform: It's a timeless, human-centered formula that you can use over and over again as you evolve you brand.


Are you ready to...

☑ Get clear on your brand, your story, and build it into a powerful message

☑ Build that brand in a way that magnetically attracts and resonates with the RIGHT community

☑ Design your blog/business' core message to align with YOUR genuine aspirations, so that you build something that feels authentic and exciting (not just 'because that's what everybody else is doing')

☑ Make a HUGE impact, bring incredible value, establish your authority, while building a beautiful connection with your community (yes, you have the power to do that).



Online! That means you can tune in from anywhere with an internet connection.


My goal is to get you to take action and APPLY & TEST your core message as soon as possible. No fluff, no fillers, just all action-oriented lessons.

I've designed the class so that you can go through everything in 3 days (or much, much less) -- and you will come out with a super solid core message for your brand, ready to be implemented in your different platforms and marketing strategy.


My focus is on making something that is valuable for you for a loooong time. You’ll get access to the class recording inside a members-only site where you can access it for 1 whole year. This means you can watch - and re-watch! - at your own convenience.


Look. There are a lot of places where you can get this information for free. However, if you've read any of my e-mails AT ALL, you would know that my teaching style is clear, simple, practical, and very, very actionable.

I work hard to deliver information in a way that resonates, and makes it very easy for you to get from confusion to clarity -- and then to doing!


We offer a 10-day refund period, but with a caveat: We want to make sure you’re asking for a refund because THE PROGRAM DIDN’T WORK FOR YOU. That means, you CAN request for a refund, but we want to know that you actually did the work.
To request for a refund, you have to do the following 10 days after your purchase:
Submit all your completed workbooks, your core brand message, and a report & screenshots of how you implemented it in your different platforms, how people responded, and why you think it didn’t work for you. Failure to submit all requirements, or submitting the requirements after the 10-day grace period will invalidate your refund request.
We really strive to give you all the information you need, and we value ACTION and IMPLEMENTATION above all else. 

Got questions we haven't answered here?
E-mail me at about your concerns.

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Make time to go after the goals that truly matter to YOU

Make time to go after the goals that truly matter to YOU


You may be thinking:
"I don't have time for the course right now. I'm really busy with _____."

Be honest with yourself. Will you ever REALLY stop being busy?

After this month, there will be NEW things to be busy about, more deadlines, more e-mails, more work. There is never a time when you're not busy.

So it's your responsibility to MAKE TIME and MAKE SPACE for your own learning and growth, because who else will?! Your parents? Your boss? Your friends?

It's your growth. It's your life.

All I ask is 30 minutes of your time everyday. That's it. The course is very easy to follow, I've simplified everything, and made sure that you can complete and implement it really quickly.

And like I said, you have access to this class for 1 whole year! You can start (or re-start!) ANY TIME you want.

You can re-watch the videos anytime you want, any month or any day of the year.




Learning can happen anywhere

Learning can happen anywhere


You may be thinking:
"I'm not sure how e-courses work; maybe they’re not for me; I’d rather have a face-to-face class."

One of the best advantages of an online course vs. a one-time workshop? A one-time workshop means you only have access to the lessons for a few hours in one afternoon. After that, you're on your own, relying on your memory.

But with an online class, the lessons are available to you, any time.

This is a sample from one of my old workshops, so you can see what it looks like inside the members-only site.

And like I said, you have access to this class for 12 whole months. You can start (or re-start!) ANY TIME you want.