How to Complete Your Giveaway Entry:

STEP 1: Make sure you're enrolled in the #Braver2018 challenge (and you're receiving e-mails from us).

STEP 2: Think of 2 to 3 friends who are either: your accountability partners, people who you brainstorm with for ideas/projects/side-hustles, friends who motivate you (and vise versa), or friends who you hang out with in coffee shop talking about life & goals & dreams!

STEP 3: Click here to go to this specific post on Facebook - and in the comments section, tag those 2-3 friends you thought of! Here's a sample of how you can tag them (but of course you're free to tag them whatever way you want!):

Hey guys! Join the #Braver2018 challenge and be my accountability partners!!! @___, @____, @____

STEP 4: Make sure you're following BOTH @arrianeserafico and @huaweimobilePH on Instagram.

PLEASE READ: How We Will Choose The Winner + Other Guidelines:

  • This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only. Shipping will be shouldered by The Purposeful Creative.
  • We will be using a random picker to choose a random winner from all the commenters who tagged 2-3 friends in this specific post. We will double-check -- and the winner must fulfill ALL the requirements:
    • a) Must be enrolled in this Teachable course (#Braver2018 Challenge),
    • b) Must be a current subscriber to our e-mail list (don't unsubscribe!),
    • c) Must be following the 2 aforementioned accounts on Instagram (@arrianeserafico and @huaweimobileph)
    • d) Must have tagged at least 2 friends in the comments section of the correct FB post
  • If the chosen winner did not follow ALL three steps above, s/he will be disqualified and we will choose another winner. We will keep doing this until we find one who knows how to follow directions!
  • If we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours, we will repeat the choosing process until we find our winner!
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